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MFA Sending Number

When you enable two factor on an account, if it possible for you all to send all Zoho verification codes from a single SMS phone number? Reason, our phones puts SMS text messages from non-contacts in an Unknown & Junk folder and no alert is given. I could create a contact if the number stayed the same.




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Hi Eric,

     The reason you are getting different numbers is because when one sms provider fails (for example twilio fails) we'll send from another provider they will be sending from a different number. 

If you have a smart phone I would suggest to use Zoho's OneAuth, where you can use multiple options like touchID, TimeBased OTP, QRCode scan or a push notification. This way you can avoid SMS.

In case of SMS alerts the same logic applies. For example, If your sms setting is "twillio" it will be from a particular number. If you set it from "bulksms" it will be from a different number. The numbers will vary based on the your telecom provider.



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