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Memory stats of ec2 windows server on cloudwatch


I have created an Associate in SYSTEMS MANAGER SERVICES --> state Manager. it run successfully on the windows server 2016 instance. But I am unable to see memory stats on Cloud-watch. Please help.

Please let me know any other way to get memory states on Cloud watch from windows server 2016

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Re: Memory stats of ec2 windows server on cloudwatch

Buy being a state manager; you can create configuration policies, apply them across your infrastructure, and ensure your systems always remain complaint. The agent you install as part of the EC2 systems manager is used to execute only management tasks.

As far as your question regarding getting memory stats for your EC2 instances from CloudWatch, well you can't, since CloudWatch operates at the hypervisor level, it can't report on OS level metrics like memory break up(free/used), utilization(%)  or swap usage. To report on these metrics, you can deploy our server monitoring agent on the instance. By doing this, you can also collect process data, monitor disk usage for EBS volumes, measure system load average and a lot more. 

You can also script and collect custom metrics for various open source application services running on top of your EC2 instance.

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