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Mark outages as "No impact event"

Hello. I have been using Site24x7 since a year ago and it is an excellent tool. 

Speaking about outages, we have the option to mark as an outage event as "Maintenance" and that is useful so the SLAs are not affected by it. 

If you add another option that we could call by now "No impact event" we could mark outages that are not maintenance and that have no effect to the SLAs, so the availability indicator and SLAs indicators keep the same. An example of this could be when we have a primary and a second link to a location and one of them has an outage but the other can still operate and the users are not affected. 

Thanks for your attention. 

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Re: Mark outages as "No impact event"

Thanks for the suggestion David. We'll have a look into how this can be best solved taking into account other cases.


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