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Manage network configuration changes with Site24x7 NCM

Traditional network changes and configuration management come with challenges. Network admins need an automated network configuration and change management solution to track changes and provide complete accountability and visibility into network changes.

Site24x7 now supports Network configuration management (NCM) along with its network performance monitoring and network traffic monitoring portfolio.

How does Site24x7 NCM work?

With an On-Premise Poller installed in your network environment, Site24x7 fetches all the configuration details, continuously monitors, and alerts you of configuration changes.

With Site24x7 NCM, you can:

  • Schedule configuration backups at predefined intervals, like one hour, three hours, six hours, one day, and two days.
  • Back up and manage configurations for devices from over 75 vendors, including Cisco, DLink, and HP.
  • Leverage over 250 ready-to-use device templates for easy management.
  • Manage the configurations of devices that support various protocols, like SSH, SSH-SCP, SSH-TFTP, Telnet, and Telnet-TFTP.
  • Obtain real-time change management by comparing the configuration details of your devices with their baseline, startup, running, or previous configurations.
  • Validate if the changes were made by authorized users; if not, revert them.
  • Restore configurations as a part of your disaster recovery plan.

NCM Config Summary

Real-time change and configuration management

Site24x7 NCM also provides you with different means to analyze your changes and configurations, and be prepared for internal and external audits.
You can use Site24x7 NCM to:

  • Receive instant alerts for backup failures and conflicts through email, SMS, voice calls, and other third-party integrations.
  • Generate NCM inventory, startup-running conflict, and user activity from reports that provide an overall picture of your network device configurations and security intrusions.
  • Build an NCM dashboard with device status, backup status, and conflicts.

NCM Operations Tab

Get started

Refer to our help documents to learn about the prerequisites and other basics you may need to get started.

Feel free to drop your feedback, suggestions, and feature requests in the comments section below.

Until next time,
Happy monitoring

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