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Manage Maintenance Windows


Are there any solutions for the following problem? 
After scheduling a maintenance window in site24x7 I would like to be able to catch in my portal the create and edits of that scheduled maintenance..so for example if i schedule for 1h and figure out I need more time, to be able to extend the maintenance and show that in my portal. Are there any webhooks I can configure or  .. ?





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Re: Manage Maintenance Windows

Dear Ana,

  Yes, you can run a webhook after the maintenance is completed. To that navigate to Admin > Operations > Schedule Maintenance > Edit your maintenance or create a new one. In the IT Automation Templates section > you can run an automation before start of the maintenance and after the maintenance is finished. 

To create an automation template you can do it from Admin > IT Automation Template. You can choose from the various template we provide out-of-the-box or create your own script or webhook. 

Let me know if this helps.


PM, Site24x7

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Re: Re: Manage Maintenance Windows

Hello Jasper,

Thank you for your reply. Let me be a little bit more explicit over the usecase I am talking about.

We schedule a maintenance from our portal through the api of site24x7.

The maintenance gets scheduled correctly and appears in the calendar of site24x7.

Now the problem is that someone can modify the scheduled maintenance window on site24x7 while the maintenance is not yet finished. Here comes the problem..how can we capture this change of an ongoing maintenance (through api or webhook) and get it in our portal (so having the data also available in our portal DB)

We could say that the summary of the problem is , how do we keep in sync the maintenance schedules (created and changed) from site24x7 with the maintenance schedules (created and changed) from our portal through the api of site24x7?


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Re: Re: Re: Manage Maintenance Windows

Hi Ana,

All administrative activities are captured in Audit logs and this includes updating of maintenance.

We don't have support for audit logs notifications as yet. I will keep track of this feature in our backlog. Alternatively, you can use the Audit logs API , write a script to parse the audit data and put it in a cron job or a windows service to update your portal periodically.  





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