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Making Site24x7 more in line with DevOps

As more companies move toward CI/CD there is the point of automating the monitoring process by putting the process of adding, updating and removing monitors and maintenance windows into the automation process. Would be nice if Site24x7 revamped the API/Automation process to follow the tools people are using for automation like Chef, Puppet or Spinnaker (www.spinnaker.io/ is what we are moving to).

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Not sure what you mean here. We are using a lot of Beanstalk, where we add the agent installation in ebextensions. We are using Ansible to install the agent on more 'static' servers. Instance discovery is built in, as well as support for auto scaling. Of course we are only using AWS, so maybe you have other challenges. 

Can you elaborate a bit what you are missing?

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We understand that it is better have more "micro" action based APIs which are aligned towards the automation workflows than the current "full-blown" resource based APIs.

We have added few such APIs based on user requests.

Retrieve Monitor By Name

Delete Monitor By Name

Mute Monitor Alerts

Create Outage by Monitor’s Display Name

Add outage comments

Start Ad hoc Maintenance

End Resource Maintenance

Let us know what other operations you would like or what kind of input parameter change you need for easily integrating Site24x7 APIs into your CI/CD tools.

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If I can tack on to this request a more granular point.

When adding monitors you provide AWS users with the ability to tag their vm's with a specific key value pair that is read by S247 and group created and monitor applied.

www.site24x7.com/help/admin/monitor-groups.html : Automatic Configuration (AWS resources only)

Is it possible to achieve the same either by the same process or through an update to the agent that can take a group tag to achieve the same result - FOR AZURE?

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Not to install the agent, we use DataDog at the moment to monitor servers and their related metrics, procs and such.

We do have the poller install via Chef. I was talking about adding, removing and updating monitors, maintenance windows, profiles, etc.

Thanks for that feedback Thillai, I will read up on those.

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