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Maintenance reoccuring every month

we have an IT infrastructure maintenance every month on the same Saturday (or weekend). So with the available options I have to enter that maintenance day every month again as the frequency only allows:

My questions to Site24x7 is would it be possible to include "Monthly" into the maintenance selection?

But I am also interested if other Site24x7 forum users would like to have this option of monthly maintenance available. Could you reply and let us know your opinion?

I also guess Site24x7 developers are interested if this is wanted by the users or not.

Many thanks,

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Re: Maintenance reoccuring every month


Thanks for raising this request.  We have already received some handful of requests for supporting monthly maintenance.

We have started looking into the implementation of this support. Will keep you updated on the availability of this feature.

On support for every same Saturday, we will take this as feature request and will include it to the planned enhancement for Maintenance feature. I could not give any ETA on this, but will be taking it up in the next enhancement planned for schedule maintenance.
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