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Mail Delivery On-Premise Poller

Is it possible to use Mail Delivery with an on-premise Poller?

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Any news on this? Your documentation states - www.site24x7.com/help/admin/adding-a-monitor/mail-server-rtt.html

"capturing the email round trip time from www.site24x7.com/multi-location-web-site-monitoring.html or from behind the firewall (using Site24x7's www.site24x7.com/monitor-internal-network.html.) "

However when you add a Mail Delivery Monitor i am unable to select any of my On-Premise Pollers?


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Hi Paul,

  There is no support for Mail Delivery Monitor with on-premise poller as location. We will add this to our feature roadmap. We'll update our docs to reflect the same. 



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I would like to up vote this request.  Having the ability to test email delivery using an internal poller would be helpful.

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