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Load page time using RBM


We are evaluating your platform and using the RBM feature with monitors all over the world hitting our test environments.
The metrics we get from your tool are completely different from the real life user experience.
For example - the Europe monitor shows 10s average page load time in the monitor, but real user experience of clients all over Europe, in the exact same timeframe, gives an average of 3-4 seconds per page.

Can you shed some light exactly how you perform on your servers the RBM? Specifically, how much CPU, RAM, GPU, bandwith are you allocating for each monitor probe?

Marius Cimpoesu
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Hello Marius Cimpoesu,

Site24x7 Real Browser Monitor works based on "No-Cache" mechanism similar to how your end users access your website. In this case, probably the browser would have cached the pages and thus the difference.
RBM uses about 50 MB of RAM for each polling.

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Is there a way, site24x7 monitor use browser cache and provide more realistic result? In today's world website are having heavy java scripts and browser cache playing important role in web page load

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