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Linux Server Monitor creates new monitor after reboot buit keeps old down monitor.

On a number of our Ubuntu 18.04 boxes the original monitor does not come back up after a reboot. Instead it creates a brand new monitor after rebooting and keeps the old down monitor. Since all the down monitors still exist our users justifiably think the servers never came back up. Anyone know why this might happen?

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Hi Nathan,

We would like to know the following environment details to help us analyze the issue further.

1. Are you using Hyper-Visor technology? if yes, can you provide the name ?

2. Is the setup running in hybrid cloud ? if yes, please specify the details.

3. After the restart of the Linux servers, did the hostname, IP address, and UUID remain the same?

Looking forward to hear from you.




Product Manager


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Same issue here.  IP and Hostname always the same but don't know about UUID.
Does that with Linux and Windows server as well.
Don't know about the technology behind but it is a cloud service called StackHarbor.
Any way to resolve this by forcing any configuration ?

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Hi Patrice, 

We do have an option to force add/map server based on the hostname. You can follow this KBase to understand how it works along with a possible use case. Please check if this helps. 

Let us know for further questions, if any, in the below thread.




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