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Linux monitors: prevent autoadding "disks"


Is there a way we can prevent linux monitors from auto adding mounts to monitor?
Example: if you mount an nfs share for restoring a backup, this share will be autoadded by the agent and monitored. When you dismount this share later, then the monitor will go into alarm because the disk is no longer available.


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Re: Linux monitors: prevent autoadding "disks"


Yes, we can prevent disks from getting auto-added using configuration rules.

Kindly refer to the Exclude Disk Partitions section here.




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Re: Re: Linux monitors: prevent autoadding "disks"


Im looking for something else. We dont know what kind of mounts will show up on a given server so there is no way of creating an exclude rule. I want the ability to turn off auto-discovery of disks after initial scanning by the agent. Then we could always run a "re-scan" if we know a server disk layout has changed. 

As i mentioned in my example there can be nfs mounts coming and going, lvm volumes created and deleted.. All this creates a lot of extra work keeping site24 monitoring clean.

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