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JIRA Ticket Link in Alert Email


I have my AWS resource monitored in Site24x7. If any monitor is Critical / Trouble / Down I'm receiving email which is good. Also, I have enabled the Third Party Integration - JIRA service in my site24x7 account. When any monitor is abnormal JIRA ticket has been created and if the same is UP after some time interval, site24x7 is updating the SAME TICKET with the monitor is UP details.

What I would like to have is, if any abnormal is happened on the monitors, site24x7 should send email which illustrate that particular monitor is down on that same email I want the JIRA ticket URL which is created for this alert.

So that my support staffs will check the email and click the JIRA ticket link specified in the email and go straight away to the JIRA ticket.

Thank you.

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Re: JIRA Ticket Link in Alert Email

Hi There, 

    An interesting request. Thanks for raising it here. Site24x7's Alerting Engine notifies the 3rd party system and send the alert mail in parallel today. It would be difficult to add the ticket url the first time.

We'll check how we can support it in the product. One possibility is to notify back once we receive the ticketid and add it in the Alarms page in the product and optionally notify the technician. 

Just curious to know if JIRA sends any notification to your Operations team once the ticket is generated..


PM, Site24x7



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Re: JIRA Ticket Link in Alert Email

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for the interest. My engineers will not receive the JIRA ticket email until the ticket is assigned to them. Also, I'm not sure how to add assignee name by default from site24x7 to JIRA when alert is created. Because we are having a rotational shift and the users may vary. I thought if we get the JIRA link in the alert email that would be helpful.

So that they can click on the JIRA link presented in the alert email and assign to themselves.

Thank you.

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Re: Re: JIRA Ticket Link in Alert Email

Hi Team,


Any update on this, we are waiting for a reply since 3 days.




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Re: Re: Re: JIRA Ticket Link in Alert Email

Dear Yashvati,

    My apologies for the late reply. We are discussing this internally. Currently there isn't a way to add the JIRA ticket url to the alert email. We will take this up as a feature request and work on a solution. 


Site24x7, PM

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