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IT Automation - Windows Service restart



I am trying to setup IT Automation for a Windows service restart.
It successfully stops the service, but it wont start it. Not sure why, but I cannot login or attach a file. The error is:

Cannot start service on computer
At line:1 char:1
+Restart-Service-Force "RaptorProgramOddsCacheService"
+CategoryInfo :OpenError:(System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController:ServiceController)[Restart-Service],ServiceCommandException

Do you have any suggestion?

Best regards,

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Re: IT Automation - Windows Service restart


Can you please check and confirm if there are any errors or warnings in the Windows event log viewer related to this?

Please try executing the following command manually in PowerShell as a non-admin user and check if you are getting any error:

Restart-Service -Force "RaptorProgramOddsCacheService"





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