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Issue with Windows where multiple hosts are recognized as one

Good afternoon friends, I'm getting in touch because I have a client that has 4 Windows 2019 VMs that were installed using the same application template and from what the person who installed it, sysprep had been run on it, but when I put the agent from Site24x7, the host is taking the Hostname of one VM and the IP of the other.

I would like to know from friends if they know any way to check if the machine has the same installation ID and how to solve this without having to reinstall the system. I came to install Site24x7 now 1 year after installing the ERP and reinstalling the system is unfeasible due to the cost of the support team for the service.

I thank you in advance for the help.

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Server monitors are created in the Site24x7 based on the UUID, Instance ID (for AWS), or hostname.
The issue your client faced may be because of the same UUID or hostname

Command to get UUID
wmic csproduct get UUID

To separate agents mapped to same server monitor, please follow the steps in this doc

If the UUID is same and hostname is different, to avoid this case in the future please follow below steps
1. Log in to the Site24x7 web client
2. go to Admin > Server Monitor > Settings.
3. Set the option Map/add a server based on hostname to Yes




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