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Integrate StatusIQ into ServiceDeskPlus OnDemand

We would really like to see StatusIQ include integration into ServiceDeskPlus OnDemand (SDPoD). Our end users already know how to access and reach SDPoD and if they could see StatusIQ information prior to opening up a ticket, it would save a lot of time and effort. Tickets are being opened for known down services and our end users have to navigate to StatusIQ separately first before opening a ticket, and may don't do that. Instead, they hop directly into SDPoD to open up a ticket, which takes ITS time away to answer/close for a known service disruption. Having a single pane of glass to see both service status, as well as, opening a ticket would be a perfect synergy between the (2) platforms in our opinion. 

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Thank you Kent for your valuable suggestion. We'll think through this and get it integrated in the product. 


Site24x7 PM

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Fantastic, thank you for considering! Much appreciated. 

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Hi Kent, as discussed on the call yesterday, we've achieved your requirement using the URL widget available in the SDP tool. Hope this helps.

- Mani

Site24x7 StatusIQ team

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Yes, it's great! Thanks again. 
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