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Site24x7 now suggests the right Instance Type that can cut your costs and optimize utilization

Hi all,

You're all aware that Site24x7 has a Guidance Report that suggests recommendations for different AWS services. It provides information on overutilization and underutilization of resources with suggestions to optimize them.

Why more than the Guidance Report?

With the Guidance Report, you can identify if your instances are highly utilized or underutilized. However, you can't obtain insights on which particular Instance Type needs to be optimized or which may be a better fit.

Instance Type recommendations

With the Instance Type recommendations feature, Site24x7 analyzes the configuration details and performance metrics, identifies the Current Instance Type, and suggests the right alternative to it.

Instance Type Recommendations

How can the Instance Type recommendations help?

Consider a scenario where you are using an Amazon EC2 instance. You are using a low-level Instance Type. When monitored, you find the CPU usage to 95% for the last seven days. An Amazon EC2 instance is deemed to be highly utilized if its average daily CPU usage is more than 90% for the last seven days and its average daily memory utilization is more than 90% for the last seven days.

While the Guidance Report provides suggestions for increasing efficiency and performance by identifying and stopping highly utilized instances, Site24x7's Instance Type recommendations help you identify which Instant Type is overutilized and which other Instance Type can be used in its place.

These recommendations are available for major AWS services, like Amazon EC2, RDS, MQ, DocumentDB, Neptune, and ElasticCache.

Start using them now to optimize your performance and cut costs.

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