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Increase On Premise Poller Refresh Rate

Hello Developers,

It would be great if we could decrease/increase the polling time for the On-Premise Poller.

In my particular example, I want to poll the remaining battery time in my UPS. This would be useful to know in the event of a power-cut. As for now, it just polls once every 6 minutes, which in my opinion is not enough. I'd like to poll it once every minute.


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Re: Increase On Premise Poller Refresh Rate


  Thank you for writing to us. Though we don't support 1 minute polling at the moment these changes in events can be captured using SNMP Traps. If the event is captured in the trap you will be notified immediately. 

To test if traps work in on-premise poller follow this KBase article.

Hope this helps. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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