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Inconsistent dot net traces

Hi Team,

Can you please help to solve this issue.

In below screenshot you can see the difference in traces section.

I have traverse the same test cases for three time but the count of traces fetched are different every time.

As I want all traces instead of slow traces so for that I have also configured transaction traces threshold to the lowest.

Basically my requirement is I want all the traces for each transaction.


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Re: Inconsistent dot net traces

Hi Nidhi,

We have a configuration to get all the traces. By default, it is disabled and the agent will track top time consuming traces periodically to avoid the performance overhead.

You can disable the option to get all the traces. Please follow the below steps to disable it,

  1. Open the apminsight.conf file found under the C:\ProgramData\DotNetAgent\ path as well as found under all the monitor folders C:\ProgramData\DotNetAgent\<MonitorName>.
  2. Add the below key value in all the apminsight.conf files,
    • enable.trace.dropping=false
  3. Restart the agent service to take effect immediately(Note:It will recycle app pools).
  4. Start performing transactions.


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