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Improving Whitelisting

Would be nice if there could be a way to break the list of IP that customers need to whitelist into groups.. So instead of just a huge list like we currently have with site24x7.enduserexperience.com there could be something like:

  • uk.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • au.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • us-east.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • us-west.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • us-south.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • us-mid.site24x7.enduserexperience.com

Or you can get granular with the US since there are so many groups there, you could break that down by state, for example:

  • atlanta-us.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • california-us.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • seatle-us.site24x7.enduserexperience.com
  • losangeles-us.site24x7.enduserexperience.com

We currently block connections from certain regions and just doing all IPs goes against our best practices. Doing the grouping like above would allow customers to whitelist only the groups they care about and not have to worry about manually updating IPs that match their locations every time that list of IPs change.

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Re: Improving Whitelisting

Hi Framirez,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Yes. We are working on the providing location / city based domain IP mapping.

We will update here once its released.


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Re: Re: Improving Whitelisting

Hi Vijay,

Sorry to bother but any updates?

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Re: Re: Improving Whitelisting

Any updates on this?  

Whitelisting is proving to be a pain now as we have to keep manually changing our entires each time a change is made for the locations we need to monitor. We have had false alerts many times and it's starting to impact our trust with Site24x7 each time.

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Re: Re: Re: Improving Whitelisting

Dear Framirez,

   First off our apologies for not letting you know that we have implemented this in our end. 

The format we have supported is: city-countrycode.enduserexp.com (eg: dallas-us.enduserexp.com). The full list is mentioned in this KBase article.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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