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Important! Upcoming changes for AWS infrastructure monitoring users.

Site24x7's AWS infrastructure monitoring support for the Amazon S3 service will be discontinued from 28 September 2017 onwards.

The Why?

As you may already know, the monitoring coverage offered for the Amazon S3 service was limited. Though basic storage level metrics were shown on an individual bucket basis, thresholds, alerts, reports - all important aspects of monitoring were missing. Well, we feel this level of coverage doesn't cut it for a core service like S3.

Enhanced S3 monitoring in the pipeline.

Our development team is already working on a number of enhancements to not only replace our current S3 monitoring capabilities but supersede it with real effect. For a deeper monitoring, better designed to suit the needs of cloud natives we are adding benefits like S3 service request metrics, endpoint monitoring for critical objects and precise storage data along with support for alerts, operational dashboards and near real-time inventory. So expect us to be back real soon.

The AWS S3 monitoring deprecation brings along a couple of notable changes for both paid subscription and evaluation users.

For existing AWS infrastructure monitoring customers the below mentioned changes comes into effect:

  • The S3 service selection checkbox will not be visible when you navigate to the "Add Amazon Monitor" page to integrate a new AWS account with Site24x7.
  • The S3 resource box within the AWS inventory dashboard, listing storage and metadata information will be removed from all monitored AWS accounts.
  • Data collection occurring for existing S3 buckets in various monitored AWS accounts will be suspended.


For an already monitored AWS account, the S3 service selection checkbox will still be checked and visible. This can be viewed when you navigate to the Edit section of the said Amazon monitor. We have done this to ensure a seamless transition when we unveil our enhanced S3 monitoring capabilities in coming weeks. This way you can get started right away and start monitoring your cloud storage automatically after release. You can also opt out of discovery and monitoring, by unchecking the S3 service checkbox.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with our support.

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