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IIS W3C log format problems

The default IIS log file format is W3C which logs in UTC time (no matter what time zone the windows server OS is set to). This causes a huge issue as it appears the Site24x7 log ingestion is performing timestamp corrections to align with the Site24x7 account's time zone. This results in the inability to use AppLogs functions as the ingested IIS W3C logs are adjusted to the incorrect time (and it orphans some log entries as a result). I can not be the only customer with this issue as i am using the default IIS configurations for logging (W3C format). This seems like an over site or a bug on the Site24x7 side. Is there some way to tell the Server Agent to do time correction for UTC log files?

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Re: IIS W3C log format problems


We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We already handled the UTC Time for Logs. Somehow it is missed here. We will check the issue and update the status here. Meanwhile we have set the log Time Zone as UTC and the logs are getting uploaded properly.

Please note that, only the new logs collected will reflect this correct time. We have corrected it at Oct 22, 2018 23:40 PDT.




Site24x7 Team.


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Re: Re: IIS W3C log format problems

Thank you for the response Franklin1, i see this is working correctly for one of my IIS servers using the W3C logging format. I have another IIS server using the same W3C format though it is not yet correctly doing time correlation. Can you confirm, where did you make a change to fix this issue, i assume on the Site24X7 back end somewhere (was that a global fix for everyone or just my account)? If i deploy additional server agents onto IIS servers, is this going to work correctly going forward? Also, i find it odd that Windows IIS default W3C logs files are not identified/recognized out of the box without us performing some file overwrites with files provided from the support team at Site24X7. I would expect default configurations for things like IIS log identification would work out of the box after a server agent installation (without fiddling and overwriting agent file as a result of a support ticket).



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Re: Re: Re: IIS W3C log format problems


My sincere apologies.  I did the change only for 1 server and I missed the same in other 2 servers. Now I have done it for those missing servers too.

I have done it for your account alone. Like I said earlier, we already handled this case in our end for all users. We are checking why it is not working for you. We will get back to you with our findings.

Till then connect with us in support (support@site24x7.com) as this involves monitor level settings change.



Site24x7 Team.

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