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iframe not loading

Real simple request, I wanted the BBC News in an iframe on the dashboard...but I get a crashed error page and it simple says "bbc.co.uk refused to connect"

I started off trying to get another page, it's a custom iframe I built, but have rolled back to simply getting the BBC News to appear...but with no luck!

Any pointers? I mentioned the custom iframe so I can make any changes to the html of the iframe holder (wallboard.html) if needed.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: iframe not loading

Hi support11111270479380,

Generally websites supports specific set of their pages to be loaded in an Iframe. Not every webpage from a website can be loaded in an Iframe.

Website's server will send a HTTP response header 'X-Frame-Options' for the URL requested, with a set of values to indicate whether to block the frame from loading in Iframe or block loading If origin of the requesting page is different.


If X-Frame-Options: DENY header is sent from website's server, It means corresponding URL, cannot be loaded in an Iframe.

Coming to your use-case, BBC website does not support the URL you are trying, to load in an Iframe. Hence you might be facing the "bbc.co.uk refused to connect" issue.

Please try with a different URL, that supports Iframe and create am Iframe widget in custom dashboard. You can properly see that webpage content, in custom dashboard itself. Sample webpage.


Vishnu Ranjan N,


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