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HTTP Response Headers with multiple values does logical AND

Hi, I would like to get a notification if a website is served from CDN stale cache.

In order to do that, I need to make sure that the response header does not have:

cf-cache-status: STALE

Checking for multiple values in a header ("HIT" "MISS" "EXPIRED") does not work because it expects to get them all (logical AND).

I would need a logical OR there. Otherwise, a way to tell my monitor that the header should not contain "cf-cache-status: STALE".

Any idea?



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Re: HTTP Response Headers with multiple values does logical AND

Dear Andres,
We apologies for the delay. We support Regex in the HTTP Response Header(s) check. This lets you add the desired response Header-Value for your HTTP request and we'll verify if the values match your regex. If the check fails, an alert will be triggered.
Here is the help document which details more about this feature.

You can add HTTP Response Header(s) check by navigating Web > Website and then click on the hamburger icon on the far right corner of the selected monitor then choose Edit.
You can see it under "Content Checks" section with the label "Should contain HTTP Response Header(s)".

Please refer the below screenshot for your reference.

We hope this meets your requirement and let us know if you have any further queries.


Product Developer, Site24x7

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