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How to trigger automation based on multiple conditions?

I set up a server monitor to trigger IT Automation (server reboot via an external API) when it reaches 90% CPU usage 5 times. 

This worked OK until today when a server locked up so quickly it never got to 5 tries and site24x7 lost communication with my server monitor. I don't want to lower the threshold (e.g. 2 times), because this could cause false alarms.  If set too low, the server might be rebooted just because we had a temporary load spike.

I also don't want to trigger on a simple "lost communication with server monitor" alert, because this could also cause false alarms.  The server monitor process may have been killed (or there is a network issue), while everything else is running fine.

In order to prevent false alarms, I need to be able to trigger on multiple conditions.  Something like "lost communications" AND "something == DOWN".

Is there any way to do this?

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Re: How to trigger automation based on multiple conditions?


Thanks for bringing this up. Currently, we don't support multiple conditions to execute an IT automation. We will add this in our road map and update this thread when it's live.

Additionally, we would like to know if you would be interested in performing orchestrations like nested of action execution based on conditions in your infrastructure. 

For example, during heavy requests coming in during peak hours, execute an automation to create additional resources. And if requests go back to the normal state, then revert back the additional resources. 

Let us know your requirements. It will help us better build the feature.




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Re: Re: Re: How to trigger automation based on multiple conditions?

Not yet Dilmi. Due to other priorities we have put a hold on this feature.

As an alternative you can have multiple conditions in a script and use that script in the IT Automation to be executed.  


PM, Site24x7

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