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how to monitor response code "forbidden"

I try to monitor a site that in case of failure responds with "forbidden"

In my monitor I have "Accepted HTTP status codes" set to 200.

Currently I expect the monitor to show me a failure, as the server answers with a  403 which is not 200...

But instead I get no monitoring at all and the message "configuration error: this url is forbidden".

How do I configure a monitor for such a forbidden message?


Thanks, Tim

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Re: how to monitor response code "forbidden"

Same problem here...

Did you ever get an answer?

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Re: Re: how to monitor response code "forbidden"

Hey guys,
  My apologies to have missed this post. Let me explain how our add monitor for website works.

When adding a monitor, Site24x7 expects a valid response from the site that is going to be monitored. i.e. When adding the website we expect 200 as the response. Otherwise we say it as configuration error. This is because we don't want to monitor a website that is already down or problematic and trigger our notification mechanism unnecessarily. Hence we have this as a restriction our end and the reason for getting “configuration error”.

Other times you’ll not get this error. 

If you aren’t having such a problem, it would be great if can explain your use case a little more elaborately so that we could help you accordingly. 

Product Manager, Site24x7  

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