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How to get the very monitor's performance report with all its locations through api service?

Hello, I am now able to get the specific monitor's performance report through api service with 

$ curl "www.site24x7.com/api/reports/performance/113770000021171001?unit_of_time=5&locations=113770000000073133&period=8" \
    -X GET \
    -H "Accept: application/json; version=2.0" \
    -H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.41d9f2cfbd1b7a8f9e314b7aff7ab2d1.8fcc9810810a216793f385b9dd6e125f"

reference from here-> www.site24x7.com/help/api/#performance-reports

However, the above method can only get the performance report of a specific location of the certain monitor by giving the according location id number. But now, I need to get the performance report data of ALL locations of the specific monitor with API service.

I've tried to get location template but I later realized it was not what I wanted because the location template was not the location list of the very monitor I wanted.

please provide some ideas on how to get "all the locations" of the performance report raw data of a certain monitor, thanks in advance!!! 

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Hi There,

 There is no direct api to get raw performance data of all locations of a monitor. 

Using retrieve monitor api, you can get the location_profile_id used for the monitor.

Using retrieve location profile api, you can get the location ids configured for that profile.

Then for each location you can make a separate performance report api call and get the raw data.


You can get the average data in a single call for all locations of all monitors, using performance report of all monitors api.



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To add to my previous reply, if you just need the response time value of all locations of a monitor, you can get it from the performance report api itself. Check the "LocationResponseTimeChart" in the api response. This will be part of the response, for any configured location id, you pass to that api.

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ok, thank you, greatly appreciated :)

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