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Tip #1 : How to get the most out of APM Insight Performance Graphs

We all use the Performance Graphs in APM Insight to assess our application's status using key metrics including Apdex Score, Response Time and Throughput. But did you know that every data point in the graph is clickable? Yes, and furthermore, it helps you to drill down for further analysis. These graphs are correlated with each other and a drop or increase in the graphs always communicate us the status of the application. 

Here's how you can find the needle in your haystack - 

  1. Let's inspect the highest spike in Response Time graph for the last 1 hour (15:50 - 16:50) - The highest peak is at 16:22. Clicking on the spike takes you to the respective web transactions that happened at that particular time.

  2. At the same time, notice that the time window automatically sets itself to corresponding two-minute time interval 
  3. Now, when you return to the Overview tab or any other tab, you can view all transactions that happened during that two-minute time interval.

This granular information helps you in narrowing down the root cause of your problem. Hope you found this tip helpful in analyzing your performance graphs. Check out this space for more such info tips.

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