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How to generate alerts for misconfigured SSL certificates


Apologies if this was asked or explained elsewhere.  

I'd like to provision a monitor to catch SSL misconfigurations, but didn't get the expected behavior from the SSL certificate monitor.

Specifically, this condition didn't trigger an alert.  Instead, if configured the monitor before, then changed the configuration on our CDN to break the certificate (so it wouldn't match the host domain), the monitor couldn't detect any problems at all on a forced monitor refresh.  If we created the monitor while the certificate was not matching the web domain, it gave a configuration error.

Essentially, anytime a modern web browser is likely to throw a message that 'Your connection is not private', we want to know, and relatively quickly.  How is this possible in Site24x7?

Thanks much,

Aaron Hutton

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Re: How to generate alerts for misconfigured SSL certificates

Hi Aaron Hutton,

Thanks for writing to us here and sorry for the delay in response.We would like to clarify the existing behavior as follows,

1. When the host name and common name or SAN of certificate doesn't match while creating a monitor you will get a configuration error.

2. The monitor which is already created and afterwards if those name doesn't match we will mark monitor as down with the reason and you will get an alert.


PM, Site24x7

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