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How to display the "Performance" metric in the Site24x7 home "Monitor Status" page?

I'm looking to display the Performance data on the Site24x7 home page, like it does for non-plugin monitors. Non-plugin monitors will show things like disk space utilization, network I/O, CPU usage etc. I've included the following picture for a clearer idea of what I'm looking at:


Some things, like the mailbox monitor, return only one unit: a number. The Group Check monitor I have returns multiple units of numbers. I'd like to apply the same logic the non-plugin monitors show, as server monitors have more than one unit (CPU, disk, network, etc) and the website chooses which to display dynamically (I'm guessing whatever is highest). How do I do this with my plugin monitors?

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Sorry - this should have been posted in "Plugins", but the question still applies.

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Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for posting.

For plugin monitors, users can configure a specific performance metric to appear in the list view of Monitor Status page.

To configure the performance metric of a plugin monitor, please follow the below steps.

1. Login with your Site24x7 account and navigate to
Admin > Server Monitor > Plugin Template Config.

2. Click the required plugin template.
For example: OracleWFMailboxMonitor. This will take you to the "Edit the Plugin Template" page.

3. On the page, click the Next button present on the top right corner.

4. On the resulting page, under the "Customize Performance Charts & Attributes" section, configure the desired attribute you want to showcase in the Monitor Status page in the "Select the attribute to be set as Performance Attribute" field.

5. Click Save on the top right corner.

Once the template is saved, you will be able to see the selected attribute on the Monitor Status page.

Hope this works for you.

If you have any further queries, please reply to this thread.

Product Manager,

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Wow, I had been on that page before, but never seen the "Next" button in the corner. Thank you!

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