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How to disable only CPU monitoring at specific time, for specific host (every day)

Hello there!

We have a hundreds of different company hosts and services, and need to disable some specific alerts(like CPU, or MEM or DISK), that as know as false-positive alerts.

This is one real host example, but we have more than one hundred, that need to customizable like it, to prevent specific false-positive alerts.

The server is turned on, and after 30 minutoes, Antivirus scan all files and make CPU high, but applications hosted in this server, is working fine and we do not need this CPU alerts at only this time. But is this specific time, if mem, disks or other services from it goes down, we need the receive it alerts.

Look at this screenshot, that is not a problem.

It's is possible to disable only CPU alerts in this time, but if other fails occurs in this time, we need their alerts (like mem, disks, or others)

In the maintenance scheduler, we cant put a specif item like CPU, or MEM, or DISK, the maintenance is for the entire host only and not work for 90% of false-positive alerts.

Please, it is possible do make this in 24x7 ? If yes, please let me know, or show me a help page, with a step-by-step how to do it.

Thanks for any help!
Obs.: We have tried AI, but how I previous said, each customer have their specific symptoms and AI not help us!

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Dear Fernando,

    When a server performance breaches a threshold value set its a potential problem that may affect the application(s) that run on them. This can cause undue problems isn't it?

Suppressing alert may reduce the alerts but when an incident occurs this may become one of the root causes. Do you really want to avoid the alert?



Site24x7, PM

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Yes Jasper, you get my point.

I avoid only CPU alerts in this specific time of the day. All others alerts, from mem, or disk, or other services, can help me to know if it was a real problem, or it's just a false-positive.

This is what I need.

A Maintenance time for CPU only in the specific time of the day for a specific host, but if occurs a memory or disk warning/problem, or others services, (from this host in the same specific time that I previous supress CPU alerts) , need to receive these other alerts, that will help me to know that host need attention.

Best Regards, and thanks for help.


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All days => CPU false positive like above occurs.

It create six mail alerts to our team and our zoho tickets.

Our NOC team wake up and call a specialist to solve this.

Our specialist wake up, access the server and confirm that is only backup running, and application, memory, disk, and all other services are ok and do not impact.

This specialist close the zoho ticket with this messages: "again another false-positive"

Please, we have more than 2000 CIs in 24x7 and this case is one off most 100 that we have every week.

Do I need to record a video of what happens, for you to understand how much time could be saved by so many people? 

Imagine the companies money that could be saved just by avoiding these false positives.

I need your help 24x7 support, cause I like your services.

How to disable only CPU monitoring at specific time, for specific host (every day)?



Thanks for you attention.

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