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How to attach correct alert monitor with AWS Instances


We are planning to migrate Datadog to site24x7. We have the following queries.

1. As in our environment, With the new release, we spin up new servers and teardown old servers. So who the monitors and threshold can be attached automatically. 

2. how we can filter and separate the resources  according to the environment 

Ashwani Singh

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Re: How to attach correct alert monitor with AWS Instances

Hi Ashwani,

Thank you for choosing us for your AWS monitoring needs . We shall help you onboard in Site24x7 the best possible way.

Kindly find the answers to your questions below. 

1. With respect to associating threshold profiles at your Amazon account level, you shall do that at the time of integrating your Amazon account with Site24x7 using "Advanced Configuration" section in Amazon monitor . 


Apart from this , you shall achieve tag based threshold configuration using "Configuration Rules" .  



2. With respect to filtering resources, you shall either create monitor groups automatically using the tags configured in AWS (This is available under the Advanced Configuration in Amazon Account ) or you shall search using the tags used in AWS as your tags are automatically synced in Site24x7 . 

Hope this helps . Kindly let us know if you require more details . 


Ananthkumar K S


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