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Help! Comparison of monitoring types

I don't know much about monitoring, I would like to know if the site24x7.com can be used professionally. Can I completely monitor aws cloud server hardware and system?



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Re: Help! Comparison of monitoring types

Dear Hugo,

   My apologies for not replying to your post earlier. Yes, you can indeed use site24x7.com professionally. Our monitoring solution will monitor your IT resources continuously and will alert you via e-mail, sms, voice or any ITSM tool. The alert is sent when a threshold configured by you is breached. 

You can monitor your AWS resources from EC2 instances, RDS Instances to your Kinesis clusters. We support more than 35 services. You can also monitor your servers. We provide over 60+ metrics that you can monitor for a single server. 

You can also monitor your websites for response time and availability from over 110+ locations worldwide.  

Our client supports 14 languages including Portuguese, Spanish etc. 

I suggest you to signin with your account that you have now and start adding IT resources for monitoring them. 

We are always there to help you out in case you need any guidance from us. Hope you find us valuable. Thank you for taking the time to post you question here.


Product Manager, Site24x7  

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