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Has anybody in the community built their own plugin yet?

I'm new to the Site24x7 community. I have recently started to get our all of our infrastructure configured to be monitored by Site24x7. Some of the things I need to be monitored for our environment will require that I create some custom plugins. I have no technical issues with this from a development perspective -- I will be deploying on Windows OS using the DLL method.

What I see from the limited exposure I have had with Site24x7's plugin framework is that it seems to be somewhat lacking. Would anybody in the community be willing to discuss the limitations they have run across during development of any of the plugins they have created?

For example, I just now have realized that apparently Site24X7 doesn't support displaying spaces in the attribute names -- I sure missed that one in any documentation that I could find. That almost seems like a deal breaker to me. Also, only two attributes ever seem to be enabled when viewing the plugin dashboard of a server monitor and you have to always manually enable the other ones if you want to see them.
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Hi Jumblo,

Please find some of the limitations on the Site24x7 Custom Plugins below. 

Update : We have fixed some of the limitations listed earlier. Hence, I am updating the post with the details below:

1. The plugin version must be changed every time a new attribute is added/modified/deleted
2. Plugin version is distinct even for the same plugin maintained in multiple servers 

When a Plugin is created by the user, Site24x7 automatically creates a template for each version. When the version is changed, a new template is created. If the version number of a plugin matches an existing template, Site24x7 will use the existing template only(even if the Plugin is on a different server). So it is recommended to use the same set of attributes for a specific version. This is the current behavior of the Plugin and this is as per design. 

3. Attribute names should not be more than 30 characters  -> This is not exactly a restriction. More than 30 characters will impact the UI. Hence, we recommend less than 30 characters. 

We have resolved the below limitations. However, the fixes are not Live in Site24x7 yet. I will update this thread once the below limitations are resolved in Live:
4. Attribute names should contain only alphanumeric characters and the special character _ (underscore) 
5. By default, a plugin shows only 2 attributes in the Site24x7 web client
6. Monitor Groups are not supported for plugins
7. Every time the version number is updated in a plugin, there will be a mismatch in the existing threshold profiles
8. It is not possible to add a plugin with a lower version when a higher version is already available
9. Data will be posted by the plugin only when there is successful execution of the plugin script 

Resolving the below limitation is in our Road Map. However, we do not have an exact timeline for the fix:
10. Attribute comparison across plugins of same plugin type is not possible 

We also look forward to hear from you on the custom plugins. If there are any difficulties, our support team would be glad to be of any assistance. 
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Muraleedharan's previous reply mentioned that some of the plugin limitations had been fixed but weren't live yet. Is there any status update on when the fixes might be live in 24x7?

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Hi Jumblo,

We are about to release our next version of server monitoring agent that includes the fixes. I will update this thread once the fixes are Live in Site24x7. 
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Hi Jumblo,

We have resolved some of the issues mentioned in the previous threads.

Please follow this thread for plugin limitations.

Happy Monitoring,

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