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Groups as dependencies in Monitoring dependencies

Example: I´ve a group for the switches as well as a group for the WiFi APs. I would then connect the dependency of the AP group to the switches so that if the switches group goes down, no alarm mails for the APs would be sent. Because I basically don´t care which AP is connected to which switch in terms of monitoring. When a switch or a whole group of switches is down, I´ll first take care of those. Only after the switches are up again I will look after everything else whether being up again or not and act accordingly.

As it is now, I can´t even build up a AP group since I only can assign one switch in the dependency but of course the APs are connected to multiple switches.


Solution: building groups and assigning groups in the monitoring dependencies. You can also refer to case ## 738571 ## in your ticket system

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Re: Groups as dependencies in Monitoring dependencies

I like this idea but would subgroups not work for your needs...

Also, and sorry about this, but ... I´ve a group is not proper. It should be I have a group. You are using that as an action instead of ownership.


  • I've created a group of things. (action)
  • I've already done the work. (action)
  • I have a group of things. (ownership)
  • I have a lot of homework. (ownership)
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