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Global Configuration Profiles for MSP's

When we deploy a new customer in our MSP account, we use a script that calls the API and creates a set of Default Threshold Profiles. That works very well.


The fun begins however, when you guys release new metrics or settings. Then we need to go into each account to configure the (default) threshold profiles. It would be a great help if we could create profiles on MSP level and use those on customer level, so we can centrally manage our default profiles.

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Thanks for suggesting this feature. We understand the usability it can bring in modifying or applying threshold to all the customers.

Can you let me know what profiles you would want it globally at MSP level :

  • Threshold Profiles
  • Notification Profiles
  • Location Profiles
  • IT Automations 
  • Any other ?

We will plan this enhancement in the service sooner. We will update here once we take up this feature.


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I'd say those would indeed be a very good start. And of course, and maybe I'm stretching a bit, it would be nice to be able to configure all sorts of settings on MSP level. And then have the option to override them on customer level or not.

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You can set up configuration profiles (threshold, notification, location profiles and email template) at the MSP account level. 

Read our announcement post and MSP user documentation to learn more.


Happy Monitoring!

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