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Get No.of Request from the API

Can I obtain attributes like the number of request or the total page size from a website using the API?

If yes, how can I do the request?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Get No.of Request from the API

Hi Diego,

You can receive the total page size using this API request.

GET /reports/log_reports/{monitor_id}?date=2015-02-08

Please refer the help document for the same. (API Help documentation )


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Re: Re: Get No.of Request from the API

Hi Sushma,
Thanks so much for your reply.

Using the new API and requesting the log report: 

You obtain several logs with different attributes. One of them is t he content_length attribute. Is it equivalent to the page_size value?. 

Additionally, if you use the log_reports request you can't obtain the number of request of a webpage. Is there any way to retrieve this value?  

Thanks again for your time and help!!!

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