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Generate or schedule a weekly alarm report

Dear Team,


It would be great if there is an option to generate/schedule a weekly report for all the alarms reported. We are unable to find one in Custom and scheduled reports.


Thanks & Regards,

Zaid Muzakkir

Data Center Ops Tech

Epicor Software Corporation


Office : (91) 8067******

Mobile : (91) 81256****

Email : mailto:Zaid****@epicor.com

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Re: Generate or schedule a weekly alarm report

Hi Zaid,

 Thanks for raising this. A weekly digest of alarms would indeed by helpful. We will discuss this internally as well. Will update here once we finalize on things.



Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Re: Generate or schedule a weekly alarm report

Any progress in this?  We use a daily summary report for all our PRD-servers.  I'd like to include the trouble/critical alarms in it as well.


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Re: Re: Generate or schedule a weekly alarm report

Is there anything in the Alert Management mentioned on the product roadmap that will allow reporting on Alerts.  That has been requested several times for a couple of years but it is still impossible to produce a report on alarms over a period of time.  You can export the list of current alarms, you can export outages (but not the reason for the outage), the list of alerts which does show the reason but you can only list them one day at a time.  I suspect you can do this by purchasing the Advanced Analytics add-on, however I would hardly classify a list of alarms over a period of time as an advanced feature of a monitoring system.


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Re: Re: Re: Generate or schedule a weekly alarm report

Dear Paul,

      We have recently introduced "Infrastructure events" which is available in public beta for all customers where all alarms will be logged. Here, you can view the list of all alarms up to 30 days(use custom time period to access data for more than 7 days). You can share it via email in PDF or can download it as csv with all the columns (There may be some issues, we are correcting them).

I believe this will give you the information needed. You can slice and dice the events data with the query-able interface. Check it out and give us your feedback.

To access the events, navigate to Alarms tab > Infrastructure Events it would be the first item on the 2nd level tab on the left. 

Click on the share icon which will open up options from which you can export the alarms as required. 

These are not yet in our reports but I will add that in our roadmap. We are also planning to give a dashboard from the data available in infrastructure events. You'll soon be hearing about it from us. 

Let us know if this suites your need. 


PS: When you find time, contribute to industry learning by participating in our survey.


PM, Site24x7

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Generate or schedule a weekly alarm report

Thanks Jasper.  Yes this is a great feature, the main issue is that it only covers the last 30 days and it doesn't include the technician field as far as I can see?  We are also reviewing the Zoho Analytics add-on, however that doesn't include the technician data either but does allow us to go back further than a month.

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