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FR: Remote Desktop Application Monitor

Please add a application\monitor in your Site24x7 portfolio to look deeper in the remote desktop role of a server:

1. Last logon user on a remote desktop server

2. All users on a remote desktop server (with running processes [Kill process feature] and active or idle time)

3. All users on a RDS Farm (Connection broker) overview (with disconnect\log off and shadow/msra feature)

4. Logon times for user logons

5. Overview about used CPU\RAM\DiskIO for each user

6. Top 10 ranking for all users in a RDS farm regarding performance consumption. User A needs 90% CPU for excel on server XY, user B needs 88% CPU for Internet Explorer on server XX and so on

7. Overview of all RDS farm server and active sessions load. Server A 10 sessions, Server B 18 sessions, Server C 0 sessions


Please also add this metrics for dashboards.





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