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Find out which jobs failed


We now and then get alarms of failed jobs.

When analyzing the jobs that are setup in SQL Server Agend in the system none of them has failed during the time periods of the alarms.

How can I from Site24x7 get WHICH jobs has failed? 




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Hello Carl,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.Please mail us the details of the monitor causing trouble to support@site24x7.com, so that we could assist you further.

Listing the failed jobs details is in our roadmap. We will keep you updated here.


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This would be a very useful feature. Any updates on future implementation?

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This is a feature we are interested in as well.  Would make managing our job failures so much easier.  Thanks!

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    Thanks for bringing this up. We will take this up as a feature request and update this thread once it is live.





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Anything on this feature .. This will be really useful for us 

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Yes, we need this feature too. Badly!

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I take it we're still waiting for this?

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Hello Ricardo,

We acknowledge that the list of failed jobs is important to you and a lot more fellow patrons as well. 

We have moved this feature request to the top of our pipeline and once a robust and perfect product is ready for release, we will give you a heads-up. 

Until then, let our SQL Insights and other database monitoring products aid you with all your database optimization strategies.

Best regards,
Team Site24x7

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