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[Feature Request] Site24x7 Signals - Customizable uptime percentage


I am wondering if it would be possible to add a customisation to the uptime percentage for the component status history. At the moment it displays the avergae % for the week. It would be good if it could be done for a selected time period. ~For example a month, or a quarter?




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Re: [Feature Request] Site24x7 Signals - Customizable uptime percentage


Right now we show the status history of 7 days(week) at a time, so uptime percentage is calculated based on only those 7 days period.

We are in plans to support status history for a component for a month & quarter periods too in which we will bring up the uptime percentage for the mentioned periods.

This is on our road map and we will update you once it is done.

Thank you for your interest in Site24x7 Signals.


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