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Feature Request: Searching for milestones

Dear site24x7 Team,

we adding lots of milestones every day.

It would be heplful if the web client under the admin/milestones section has an option to search specific milestones.

Sometime we would like to know if a specific change was made.

Thanks and regards,


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Dear site24x7 team,

i see that the search option is now available. Many thanks for that!

Currently only search for milestone name is possible.

Can you please also add the search for milestone notes too?

Thanks and regards,



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Hi Torsten,

Thanks for bringing this up.

The Milestones search feature now allows you to search for Milestones by Milestone Name and Milestone Notes.

Enter a keyword into the search box, and the Milestones whose Milestone Name or Milestone Notes match the keyword will be shown.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any clarifications related to this.

Deva Priya

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Perfect! Many thanks for the quick implementation!

BTW: Unfortunately the milestone markers are no longer visible in all graphs currently.

I create a ticket for this.

Thanks and regards,


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