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Feature Request: Custom Scheduled notification changes in App

I'd like to be able to set up a custom schedule of when my Site24x7 android application makes noise.   I'm oncall once every 4 weeks.  I don't mind being alerted on other weeks but only during the waking hours.  During my on call week, I need it to play the alert sound even in the night time, however.

I'd also like a "snooze" button to temporarily disable the audible alerts for a set period of time.  Without disabling them until I remember to re-enable them.


I originally asked support for them to document the externally available "intent" to allow my Tasker program to alter the notification sound (from None to some sound file).   Support seemed reluctant to release any documentation on the available intents.  Instead, I'm bound by waiting for development of the app to reach this feature.

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Re: Feature Request: Custom Scheduled notification changes in App

Can you explain the the process in detail? Are you trying to intercept a broadcast intent from the Site24x7 app? Do we need to broadcast an intent, or can you intercept the push notification itself somehow?

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