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Feature Request: AWS Configuration Template


 Can you please implement an AWS Monitor configuration template?

When AWS resources are discovered, they are automatically given the User Alert Group settings that are on the main AWS Monitor.  That is great.  However, the newly discovered AWS resources are not assigned to any Monitor Group by default.  This causes problem for our customers who use DevOps and Continuous Integration processes where AWS resources are created/destroyed on demand with each "release".  Specifically, they can no longer manipulate entire Monitoring Groups with auto-discovered AWS resources because AWS resources are not a part of any Monitoring Group by default.  They are not even a part of an "Ungrouped" Monitoring Group.  It would be great to have a way to assign auto-discovered AWS resources to Monitor Groups and User Alert Groups via a Configuration Profile in the same manner I can assign a lot of other Site24x7 monitors to Monitor Groups automatically when deployed.


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Re: Feature Request: AWS Configuration Template


  Thanks for raising this. We are also in the process bringing in setting up of configuration like user groups, threshold profile, notification profile for each service during discovery/rediscovery. This will help you solve the configuration problem as well. 

We are also bringing in rules for monitor groups which would help you in assigning auto-discovered resources to specific monitor groups. 

Do take some time to answer the following questions

1. How would you like to have your monitor group rule be set? for eg: based on certain tags / security groups regions etc..

2. What kind of other configurations w.r.t to aws you feel is lacking with us?


Jasper Paul,

Product Manager, Site24x7.

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Re: Re: Feature Request: AWS Configuration Template


Briefly brainstorming, here is what I have come up with:

1. How would you like to have your monitor group rule be set? for eg: based on certain tags / security groups regions etc..


a. AWS Tags (specifically, Name or auto-scaling tags auto created with AWS CloudFormation)

- This is our primary use case.  EC2 instances and other resources are usually named or tagged with something specific to a release.  For instance, release 1 all instances would be named with or tagged with "PROD1".  For release 2, all instances would be tagged or named with "PROD2" in them.


In some cases, we have different VPCs for different departmental groups.  When discovering monitors, on AWS account may have two or more different VPCs created for differnt departments.  Grouping by VPC would be great as well.

c. AWS Account

In other cases, we have completely separate AWS accounts for different departments.  For instance, Marketing has their own AWS account for marketing resources.  I would like to auto-discover those resources and assign them to the Marketing Monitoring Group.  For a Dev Team, we have a separate AWS account specifically for their resources.  It would be great to discover AWS resources in that AWS account and automatically group them into a group for Dev Team X.


2. What kind of other configurations w.r.t to aws you feel is lacking with us?


a. The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is how to handle Docker monitors and Server Monitors when decommissioning an older configuration. 

For instance, the DevOps Team deploys all new infrastructure each time there is a release.

Example: Release 1 is running on AWS EC2 instances, Docker Instances, Docker Containers, Application Elastic Load Balancers and all of those resources are in a monitoring group named PROD1 Release.  After PROD2 has been fully deployed and the DevOps Team wants to decommission the PROD1 resources, we receive a _TON_ of alerts for Server Monitors going down and Docker Instances going down.  These are going down on purpose though and we do not want the alerts.  There have been some internal discussions about integrating internal infrastructure management applications with Site24x7 in order to turn off the Server/Docker instance monitors in Site24x7 before the AWS resources are terminated, but this is very far off time-wise.  It would be great if there was a way for Site24x7 to see that an EC2 instance being terminated and that is the reason why Docker and Server Monitors are going down.  I don't think Site24x7 can do that at all today.

Alternatively, if there is a way to automatically build dependencies among EC2 instance -> Server Agent -> Docker Agent when auto-discovering/auto-deploying monitors.  Then, if the EC2 instance was terminated, perhaps we would not receive alerts for the Server Agents or Docker Agents.  


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Re: Re: Re: Feature Request: AWS Configuration Template

Thanks for your valuable inputs Sward.

For the 1st question we will definitely take them into account while working on the rule engine. 

For the 2nd one: We'll figure out ways to make these easier. 



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