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Feature Request: Modify Maintenance Window limits/functionality

We just found at that you can only have a maximum of 500 maintenance periods scheduled (support can increase this for you.)  Maintenance windows don't auto delete so at some point, if you use maintenance windows at all, you would run into the limit.  In addition, if you delete prior maintenance it will modify reports and show that maintenance never occurred. 

Feature Request:

1) Remove the limit entirely


2) Auto-delete old monitors (after x time period) but leave the metrics in the reports. 

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Hi Damian,

 Apologies for the long delayed reply. We actually do have a task in place which deletes the ONETIME FINISHED maintenances older than 1 year. We can anyway increase the maintenance as you said from support for rare cases like yours.

Not sure if we will do either of the requests you mentioned. :( Removing the limit will become dangerous since now we support monitoring during maintenance to improve overall uptime.  


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