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Feature Request: Alert if long maintenance is still active


we are heavy users of the site24x7 API and we use for example the maintenance mode for monitors if we do deployments.

But - the reason is unknown - sometimes monitors are hanging in maintenance mode.

I have to check once a week if monitors are still in maintenance and i snooze the maintanence manually.

It would be helpfull - until we have fixed our automatism via the API - if we can get or configure an alert if monitors are in maintenance for a longer or a specific time. (send to admin group or the configured alert group)

In StatusIQ there is also an option like this for long running incidents.


Thanks and regards,




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Dear Torsten,

    Thanks for explaining your request. We'll take this request and implement it. There are some backlogs that need to be cleared. We'll try to achieve it in this quarter. 

btw, the unknown reason is a problem from Site24x7 or based on your infra..? Because we need to analyze why maintenance is not coming to an end. 


Site24x7, PM

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Thanks Jasper,

I'm still analyzing this issue. But i think it has to do with our scripts and the series of tasks during the deployments.

The API call to end the maintenance is maybe not called correctly in our playbooks.



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