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Exclude disk partitions from monitoring

Is it possible to exclude certain disk partitions from threshold monitoring?  On AWS EC2 instances I have multiple disks/partitions and two of those partitions e.g. /snap/core/5328 are always at 100% full. Becaues of this, they make my site show as being in "Trouble".  I would like to be able to exclude partitions automatically from monitoring by including something in the threshold profile to ignore any partition that starts with /snap (e.g. /snap/*).  

I think it is possible to do this manually, but that is not so helpful when servers are being added to an auto scaling group automatically.

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Re: Exclude disk partitions from monitoring


Thanks for bringing this up. Currently, Site24x7 Server Monitoring does not support to exclude monitoring for disks that gets added dynamically.

We have added this in our road map and will update this thread once the feature is ready.


Happy Monitoring!

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