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"error_code": 1100, "message": "You are not authorized to perform this operation"

Hi Support, 

I am having issue getting list of monitors from Site24x7 API. I have already looked through earlier topics to troubleshoot but no success. I have tried below. 


1) I have generated the zaaid and passing it in the header. 

2) I have created scope for listing monitors as Site24x7.Admin.Read & also tried Site24x7.Admin.All. Still getting same error message. 


I have tried various scopes and tried other operations but continue getting this error message. I am testing the API from postman, I have had this working OK since last few months ago and its stopped getting list of monitors for me. Please advise as I have raised a support ticket [Re:[## 1094401 ##] Server Monitoring : Site24x7 API - Access issue] but no update from that end. 




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Re: "error_code": 1100, "message": "You are not authorized to perform this operation"

Dear Mittal, 

   Our support had requested some details on the ticket you've mentioned. Can you respond to the same ticket please so that we can work on it and give you a solution.  


PM, Site24x7

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