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Enhancement - Applogs - Multi-tenancy / organization


It would be great to have the Applogs>Profiles/Types be able to be grouped.  This would allow us to run multiple products, in our environment, and keep them silo'd as needed.  Currently there is no Sort on Applogs>LogTypes or on Applogs>Profiles.  Between the lack of sorting, and the inability to group, we have run into a roadblock that directly affects the next portion.

There is no way to call the specific logprofile when creating the log alert.  This means we have to set up an individual alert + Profile + Type for every customer on the multi-tenant system.  Without the ability to group, we will be creating hundreds/thousands of entries.  I feel we will quickly make finding data impossible as we rollout the solution.

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Re: Enhancement - Applogs - Multi-tenancy / organization

Hey Mitch,

   Thanks for writing to us. I'm unable to get a picture of what you are trying to ask.

What do you mean by "Applogs>profiles/types being grouped" ? Is it from an alerting perspective? Or do you want types to be grouped? or do you want alerting to be in the log profiles?

Clarity on this would help us evaluate your request and come up with a solution.


Product Manager, Site24x7 


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