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Email notification- With monitors usage per customer

Here is my requirement,

In my site24x7 account, for example I have 300 basic monitors and 20 advanced monitors in use. i.e., customer 1 is using 100 basic and 10 advanced, customer 2 is using 50 basic and 5 advanced, and finally customer 3 is using 150 basic and 5 advanced monitors.

I need an email notification , alert configuration , such that I will get the above usage details per customer.

I am able to view it via GUI at MSP level, However I need to have this as email. At least the count details are enough for me.

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Re: Email notification- With monitors usage per customer

Hi Sowmya,

   Thanks for raising this request. Agree that this will be useful especially for MSPs, we will discuss this internally and come up how best to support this report. 

-Jasper Paul

Product Manager, Site24x7


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