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EC2 stopped instances

Right now a stopped EC2 instance is seen as DOWN. However, this day and age, stopping an instance is more often than not intended. Certainly in a cloud setup where you want to save costs. 

An option would be to schedule maintenance for those instances, but then you need to manually do this each time you shut down an instance. It would be better if one could chose whether a stopped instance should report as DOWN or not. 
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Re: EC2 stopped instances

Hi Tom,

Thanks for raising this request.

We would like to clarify the following

1. Would you like to show the stopped duration as maintenance in general?
2. Is alerting your concern with respect to stopped instances or do you feel this affects your reporting part alone?
3. Would you prefer such a setting at each instance level or you would prefer to set it at the Amazon account level?
4. On the whole, this may affect your availability SLA. Would you prefer that?

All the above queries are based upon the assumption that you would like to end the maintenance once the instance is started.


Ananthkumar K S
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Re: EC2 stopped instances


1. I think that would indeed be the best option.
2. The main concern is alerting. We are using the MSP pack, and would allow customers to schedule their own instances. Right now an MSP customer cannot change or add maintenance in site24x7. This would solve that.
3. I don't know the internal application logic, so what I am saying here might make no sense. But it might be a good idea to configure this in the Threshold and Availability section. Where you can toggle instance stopped state as being DOWN or not in a threshold profile. And maybe allow it to be overridden at the instance level.
4. Scheduled maintenance does not count towards our SLA, so that would be fine.

Thanks for taking the time to review this!
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